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The problem with nose chains...

A Palestinian man stopped by Lucy's sanctuary a few days ago to get some help for his boy... As we have seen so many times, the nose chains that are used to control the working donkeys and horses often pull too tight and eat into their soft flesh. It's just so sad that these precious creatures are maimed this way as a result. However, the sheer fact that this man cared enough to come by and get help to tend the wound and get a nose chain cover (which are so lovingly made by our supporters), to put on to protect his donkey's little velvet nose from further damage, is a miracle in itself. It shows that at least a little of the seed of compassion that Lucy works so hard to instill into hearts a

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Sign up today to receive our future editions! Just like clever Zak the dog, you too could be enjoying our Bulletin! Many of you know it has been a very busy and very tough time just lately and although Lucy does her best to keep her supporters informed about all that happens, there is just such a lot to report. Everything is happening at such a fast pace in Israel. Lucy's little sanctuary suffered an arson attack which led her to decide to move the sanctuary. Nearly everything is now ready at the new site - it's very exciting but we are still in need of more kind people to sign up to sponsor a plot of land for just £4/$5.30 per month! Tragically Lucy's sanctuary also had to endure a virus th

Welcome to Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation

It has been a long time in the making, so we are extremely excited to present Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation and our brand new website. Browse through our site to find out more about the work we support or to find out more about the work Lucy and her team do in the Holy Land (Israel and the West Bank), how to contact us and how you can help.

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