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Lucy's sanctuary donkeys at night

Two of Lucy's latest rescues, Jeremiah and Elijah, came to the Sanctuary with deep, raw pressure sores caused by friction from their harnesses. Every day, Lucy treats the wounds by washing, dressing by applying a special mix of antibiotic liquid or powder and a good wound ointment, and then bandaging so the dressing stays in place. They are healing and improving but it takes time and the donkeys, despite how painful it must be, show remarkable patience, most of the time! They are so used to being roughly handled, beaten, kicked and hurt that when Lucy bends down to talk to them and cuddle them, she can see them looking at her with their little wary eyes as if to say, ‘is this really a two le

Thank you for visiting our stall in Burgess Hill!

On Saturday, 18th November 2017, we had two stalls at the yearly Christmas Light Switch On in Burgess Hill. It was so lovely to meet up with some of our loyal supporters and to see some familiar faces again especially as it was such a damp day. The weather didn’t detract from the fun and activities taking place in Church Walk though, where we were pleased to be selling some useful Christmas merchandise and showing off our bright new banner while spreading the word about the plight of donkeys in the Holy Land and Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation. Inside at the craft stall, our display of cushions and unusual Christmas stockings attracted much attention and looked beautiful. Many thanks to BHTC for

A few photos in and around Lucy's sanctuary

Look at those happy faces! This is only possible thanks to wonderful, generous supporters like you! Your help alone enables us to continue to be here for these precious souls. Thank you so much! For ways to donate please click here.

Introducing: Elijah

Yesterday, Lucy rescued another little battered and bruised donkey: Elijah. A young little boy from the same area as Noah and Jeremiah, near the Palestinian border. Over-worked and beaten, left with horrible back sores and sores on his poor shoulders and rump area, from his ill fitting harness. Like too many others, he’d been made to carry weight that was beyond his capacity to bear at his young age. Another little mouth to feed, another gelding operation to be paid for, more work for our farrier every two months and an extra dose of worming medicine. Please help the donkeys in Israel and the West Bank - every donation, no matter how small, really helps. Click here to find out more. Thank yo

Jeremiah, Lucy's latest rescuee

Lucy and her team just rescued another donkey boy, Jeremiah. Like Noah a few days previously, he was also confiscated by the Israeli army at the border. He belonged to children who were beating him on his raw open wounds. One of the services Lucy is able to offer at her outreach clinics in the Palestinian West Bank - thanks to donations from kind supporters like you - is for a vet to perform humane castration operations under a full anaesthetic. This simple operation can spare a male donkey from suffering horrific pain as there are numerous quack vets who operate throughout the West Bank doing so called ‘castrations’ using the most torturous method. Literally a hand made giant nut cracker ty

A new sanctuary inhabitant: Noah

Lucy and her team have just rescued another little donkey: This is Noah! He is an ungelded boy, but the vet will be coming in the next few days to see to that. He’s about 7 years old and was confiscated by the Israeli army, from his Palestinian owner when a couple of Israeli soldiers saw the donkey cowering as the man was beating him. He’s a dear boy despite having been so badly abused and when he arrived at the sanctuary, he walked in as good as gold amidst lots of ee-oors, some welcoming, some more of a warning about who’s boss - they were more from the younger boys of course, even though they’re all gelded. He has quite a scarred nose and has very wrinkled skin because of the multiple c

Emergency horse rescue in Tayibe

Lucy and her small team were called out a few days ago to an emergency by the municipal vet of nearby Arab village, Tayibe, in Israel, to help a horse. The poor boy had been stuck in a muddy, flooded ditch for days, he was very weak and starving and had to be airlifted out (sadly not so professionally) by a local man with a JCB, but at least he was lifted out to safety. After all the terrible things Lucy witnesses, she was very moved to see a group of men so concerned about the life of that dear horse. When Lucy got there, there were lots of men hanging around and watching, including a fire crew and a couple of policemen who were trying to get the horse to drink water from a syringe. Lucy an

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