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Happy Christmas!

Lucy‘s UK Donkey Foundation would like take this opportunity to wish our wonderful supporters a very happy, joyful and peaceful Christmas! Without your generosity and support, Lucy would not be able to help mistreated and abandoned donkeys in the Holy Land, so from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you! ❤️

Michael and Raphael

Lucy and her team were called to rescue these two poor abused donkeys, Michael and Raphael. Michael is the grey boy and is already gelded, Raphael is the brown boy. Once again the Israeli army were involved as they were close to the Palestinian border. Michael has a rather nasty back sore but Lucy is confident that it will heal soon with the proper care. Raphael has a foot injury, similar to Alfredo’s, so Lucy is treating that too, of course, now that they are are both safely back at the new sanctuary, loved and cared for. These two little additions brings the total number of Lucy's rescued donkeys to 34 and 5 horses. Lucy and her team cannot do this work without continued support, so please

Just in time for Christmas: the donkeys are in their new home!

A week ago today, Lucy’s new donkey sanctuary was finally ready for the animals to move into. It was truly a mammoth task as Lucy and her helpers had to do it all with their horse box whilst the weather was good and dry. According to Lucy, the donkeys are calm and even more friendly and loving than usual - even the more timid little souls, perhaps as they’re more relaxed. They seem to sense it’s a safer, more peaceful environment. But moving them wasn’t an easy task for those involved. 37 animals who didn’t want to walk out of their field and barn and didn’t want to load into the horse box and didn’t want to walk down out of it at the other end either! It was a really hot day and Lucy and he

We now accept PayPal donations!

In case you missed it, we are very happy to announce that we now accept donations via PayPal which makes donating to Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation much easier. You can easily transfer a one-time donation or set up recurring donations using your PayPal account. But the great news is that you don't even have to have a PayPal account to make a donation - you can simply click on the yellow 'donate' button found in the top right of our website to donate with a credit or debit card without having to sign up to PayPal. Just select the option "Donate with card" once you've been taken to the PayPal page for Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation and have typed in the amount. If you have any questions, please send


This is Moses. Moses has just recently arrived at Lucy's sanctuary. He was a very badly abused little donkey and was found being brutally beaten. Lucy took him whilst he was still half harnessed. He has a scarred nose from his chains and is still so afraid of people that he holds his little tail between his legs when Lucy approaches him, however calmly and slowly she tries to do it. Slowly, slowly, with a lot of patience and love, he is coming round to understanding he is not going to be hurt ever again. Lucy can see in his gentle eyes that he can’t quite believe it when she gently touches him and bends down to talk to him softly and give him a ruffle on his neck and a little kiss. He clearl

Thank you for visiting our stall in Brighton!

We had a great morning at the RSPCA Christmas Fair in Brighton last Saturday! Everybody was kind and welcoming and it was good to meet some lovely new people and be amongst so many other animal lovers. Delicious mince pies helped the morning go with a swing and got us into the festive mood. We sold lots of our books, some Christmas cards, including all our donkey cards, some wrapping paper, fold away shopping bags and some lovely children’s bookmarks. Thank you to everybody who supported this wonderful event!

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