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Adopt-a-Donkey and Gift Certificates

As you might remember, one of our loyal supporters started an adopt-a-donkey initiative for Christmas 2017. It proved to be such a success that she has kindly agreed to continue running the initiative. Adopting a donkey costs £20 and the scheme is wholly managed and funded by this wonderful supporter, so every penny of the proceeds is for the charity to support Lucy's critical work in Israel. Click here for details on the Adopt-a-Donkey Scheme The same supporter also recently came up with the idea of Gift Certificates. Have you got birthday, anniversary or other celebration coming up and not sure what to give? Why not buy a 'general outgoings' gift certificate for £20 (adults) or an 'oats/tr

Video: Grace and little Molly

Our supporter’s kindness, love and of course critical donations, have made it possible for little Molly to be born into a safe, contented world... Before being rescued by Lucy, her mother Grace was not so fortunate. When she wasn’t working, she was kept in a tiny pen. Her hooves were never seen to and so grew long and ended up crippling her. Despite having crippled, twisted feet she was still forced to work hard and made to canter on roads while pulling a loaded cart. Please continue your vital support to help us to always be here for those who need our love and our care. Thank you 🙏🏻 DONATE NOW

Presenting: Our new Gift Shop!

It's been a long time in the making, and we are extremely proud to finally launch our little Gift Shop. Our selection is still small, but do have a look, we're sure you'll find something you'll like - there are t-shirts, tote bags, cuddly donkeys and more (and we will keep adding more over time). Every purchase will raise funds to support Lucy's critical work rescuing and caring for donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. Click here to visit our shop

A fluffy surprise: meet litte Molly!

A few days ago, Lucy had a totally unexpected birth at her sanctuary, when one of her rescued donkeys, Grace, gave birth to a female foal in the field. Lucy decided to call the little foal - an utterly beautiful and adorable fluffy little silver girl - Molly. Molly is extremely friendly and inquisitive, even though mama is still being very protective at the moment. Of course being a sanctuary rescuing abused and injured donkeys, Lucy has a strict no breeding policy. All rescued male donkeys are gelded as soon as possible when they get to the sanctuary, and kept separate from the ladies until they have been gelded. So we are all rather dumbfounded as to how or when Grace conceived, as she has

Michael's rescue and progress - video

Watch this video of Lucy's precious Michael, a little donkey rescued not long ago, who was so badly abused and injured. Now, thanks to your support, he is healing more each day and is safe at Lucy's sanctuary and deeply loved. Without your help Michael could not have been rescued and cared for; thank you for your kind support! Please click here to find out how you can continue to make it possible for Lucy to be there for Michael and so many others like him.


We come to you with an urgent appeal. Due to low funds and barely enough to see Lucy’s sanctuary through the next two months, Lucy is now under advice not to accept any more donkeys into her sanctuary until more funds come in. This is obviously crushing news and heartbreaking for any sanctuary and more difficult than anyone could believe. Just how does one turn a donkey in need away? And worryingly, if there’s nowhere else for them to go, then where might they end up during these dreadful times with the current huge value on a donkey’s head for his hide? (If you haven't heard about the horrendous trade in donkey hides, just google 'donkey hide trade' or go to this BBC report for more informa

A Happy New Year to all our supporters!

We hope you have all had a good start to the New Year and we wish you the very best for 2018. We will be in touch soon with the latest news from the Holy Land. Once again, thank all of you for your wonderful support last year. Without you, Lucy's critical work to help donkeys in the Holy Land would simply not be possible. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Click here to find out how you can help.

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