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Little Molly at Lucy's sanctuary

At just 5 weeks old, lovely little ‘unexpected’ baby Molly is growing so fast... always safely alongside mama Grace. Grace was an abused working donkey, rescued by Lucy from an awful life where she was forced every day to canter along pulling her heavily laden cart, even though she had terribly crippled feet. Even now, the farrier still has to trim her hooves in a special way to help try to improve her balance. Please help Lucy make the difference for these abused, over worked, neglected and abandoned donkeys in the Holy Land. Please help make it possible for Lucy to always be here for them and provide them with a safe and loving sanctuary in the Holy Land. Your support is critical for Lucy’

Another sad story

Last Sunday, Lucy was called out to this poor dear suffering soul in the Arab town of Qalansuwa. God alone knows how long she had been lying there during the persistent heavy rain they have had in the region for the past few days. Thankfully, a nearby carpenter saw her and after trying to appeal for help from authorities without success, he was given Lucy’s number. He told Lucy how he had witnessed the owner coming along and removing the horse’s head collar seeing she was lying there in the mud and water, knowing she was dying. He took the head collar and walked off without a care in the world, leaving her cold and wet, unable to move. Left her to die a miserable, prolonged death. How evil c

Treats day at Lucy's sanctuary

Two very dear supporters of Lucy’s went to visit Lucy’s donkeys recently. They brought with them lots of much appreciated carrots that were very quickly devoured! Just look at those happy faces! Thank you so much, Dora and Elia! ❤️ Please click here if you would like to help cover the costs of running Lucy's sanctuary in Israel, food, vet and farrier visits, and Lucy's outreach/rescue work in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

Michael and Raphael - the result of longterm abuse

Lucy and her helpers recently this lovely boy, Michael, nearly 8 weeks ago (watch a video of his rescue story here). Since his arrival at Lucy’s sanctuary, apart from his horrible back wound which is now very nearly all healed, Lucy noticed that he had large patches of layers of skin drying out and wanting to peel off. She didn’t want to touch it because she could see underneath it was very raw and bloody, so she felt it needed to come off in its own time. However, Lucy then noticed it was starting to look infected and in a few places parts of the layers were hanging on by threads only. So she called the vet who had a look and decided it was time to give the removing of it a helping hand. He

Goodbye beautiful Charlie

We’ve had to say goodbye to dear old blind horse Charlie. Here's the account from Lucy, who was by his side when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. "As I stroked him, I imagined him as a little foal again, knowing that once upon a time he must have been by his mother’s side... We found this poor blind horse nearly two years ago in the Palestinian city of Qalqilya. He was harnessed to a cart and despite being over 20 years old and completely blind, he was being forced to gallop along a busy road. We managed to flag down the men in the cart and persuade them to bring the horse to us for a rest and a drink of water. When we saw he was blind, lame and malnourished, after a series of discussions in A

From floods to golden sunsets...

Last week, Israel was hit by an unprecedented amount of rainfall over a few days resulting in flooded roads, shops and homes. The Alexander River, which is not far from Lucy’s sanctuary, rose to such a high level that it overflowed, hence an overflowing drainage ditch next to the sanctuary channeled a lot of water in the sanctuary’s direction. Fortunately it only affected one end of the donkeys’ shelter, but Lucy did have to rescue baby Molly who she found very nearly up to her knees in water! Thankfully this week the weather has been much kinder, the sun is shining and all flood water has subsided, but it has meant a lot of extra work for Lucy and her helpers trying to dry out the very wet

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