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The latest on Zachariah, the blind donkey

Lucy’s new sanctuary feels truly a happier place than the one before in Qalansuwa. The one surefire way to know of course, is through the donkeys themselves. And there’s one little boy especially who seems much happier and a little more relaxed as the days pass by. He manages to venture outside his stable, into the main shelter and then even stands outside enjoying a bit of sunshine! And that is dear Zachariah. He was rescued a few months back from Israel’s Northern border with Syria, having had both eyes gouged out and what looks like old stab wounds on either side of his neck. He was severely traumatised at first, and justifiably set against humans. It is only thanks to Lucy’s patience and

Lucy's latest rescue donkey: Esther

Just before going out to Israel to see Lucy's amazing work first hand (I will report on my visit to Israel shortly), Lucy rescued this beautiful old donkey lady, whom she named Esther. The Toll Highway people and local police had called Lucy, asking for her help to rescue an elderly donkey who was standing in the middle of the highway. The police were so concerned - mostly because they didn’t want the donkey to be the cause of a car accident and any human injuries - that they partially closed the highway and waited with her until Lucy could get there with the horse trailer. Esther is very old, probably in her twenties. Of course Lucy took her back to the sanctuary, just in time before the he

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