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Old stamps & gold jewellery

Did you know you can help raise funds for Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation by collecting old postage stamps and sending them to us? Another way to help raise funds is by sending us any unwanted or broken gold jewellery you might have. Stamps Whether they’re British or overseas, just send them to us and we’ll turn your old postage stamps into funds to support Lucy's work to help mistreated, injured and abandoned donkeys in the Holy Land. Stamps are sold by weight. As a general guideline we can expect to receive around £20 for one kilogram of stamps, so do encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save their stamps for us. Simply cut off the corner of the envelope with the stamp o

Lucy's Sanctuary update

Lucy and her helpers at the donkey sanctuary in the Holy Land work very hard to do everything they can to rescue and care for terribly abused, abandoned, often injured donkeys, and apart from one casual, part time helper, they work entirely voluntarily. Like so many countries in our world, there are places in this area of the Middle East where people are particularly cruel to poor donkeys. They are too often seen as nothing more than an object to be used, abused, even ridiculed and tortured. We need to do all that we can to ensure the sanctuary will always be there to give a safe home to all those who need our love and protection, away from the dangers of this cruel, hard world. We also plan

Update on our Heather

Thank you to all those who have been so concerned for our Heather and have sent kind messages for her, she has really appreciated your thoughts and love. We know many people want to know how she is feeling so we would like to let everybody know that she is thankfully making good, solid progress in her recovery, positive steps each day. It will take time and we pray for her full recovery and we do not expect her to take on the endless amount of work she did previously. When the time will come that she will feel up to it, then it will be strict time limits and a lesser workload for sure. Thank you again to everybody for caring the way you do. In Heather’s own words “I’ll be back!”

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