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12 Apr 2019

Poppy is a beautiful little soul born with severe scoliosis of the spine at Lucy's sanctuary to her mama Carrots in November last year.

She is now 4 months old and a few days ago had her first X-ray to enable us to see how it is affecting her spine and rib cage. The result is worrying because of how it could affect her in the future as she gro...

7 Feb 2019

Just look at this recent picture of Carrots and her lovely little foal Poppy. Who could not love those beautiful long-ears? Poppy was born at Lucy's sanctuary last November with severe scoliosis. She's Lucy's adorable little hunchback of Emek Hefer! 

Thank you so much to all you wonderful, kind souls who work so hard to support the s...

28 Nov 2018

A very rainy day with 40 very sweet donkeys and the 3 horses, all huddled together under their field shelter, while Lucy cleaned their barn. 

Amazing to see as they’re all behaving perfectly together, not one nudge, bite or kick! ❤️

As soon as the rain stops, they start to venture out. One drop and they’re straight back in again.

Little Poppy a...

23 Nov 2018

A new foal has been born at Lucy's sanctuary, and she is the cutest thing ever! Here's a first hand account from Lucy:

Our clever little Carrots finally gave birth to the tiniest, most endearing and precious little baby girl donkey I’ve ever seen. 

She is such a wise little soul. 

She has a deformity in her spine, Scoliosis so she has a little...

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November 5, 2019

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