Headcollar Gift for our Donkeys

Headcollar Gift for our Donkeys


Would you like to buy one of our lovely rescue donkeys a purpose-made headcollar for Christmas? Until now, we have been reliant on donated second-hand horse headcollars for our donkeys. Since a donkey's head is a different shape to a horse's, the heavy duty headcollars we would like to buy are purpose-made so are a much better fit than one intended for a horse. At £18 each, the head-collars are stronger and will last much longer.


    To download a certificate confirming your purchase, simply complete your purchase online. Once completed, you should get a page saying "Thank You for buying from our Gift Shop" which contains a "Download" bottom right. Simply click on it and it will download to your computer. If you wish to print it, make sure you choose Landscape orientation.

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