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Michael’s horrific wounds - then and now

It was only at Christmas that Lucy rescued Michael, an overworked and severely abused donkey in the Palestinian West Bank.

Just look at the pictures below to see what a few months of daily nursing and endless love at Lucy's little sanctuary have achieved - the boy is pretty much fully healed!

This miraculous healing - seeing a once suffering gentle animal become such happy and healthy boy - is only possible thanks to kind donors like you. Without your help, Lucy would not be able to continue her work. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and for caring!

Here are some examples of what your donations can and do achieve:

  • £5/$7 could feed one of our little donkeys for a week

  • £3/$4 could pay for an absorbent wood shavings bedding for a week

  • £2/$3 could cover the cost of worming a donkey for 4 months

  • £5/$7 could help pay for veterinary costs for a donkey for a month

Click on images below for larger version and information

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