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Old stamps & gold jewellery

Did you know you can help raise funds for Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation by collecting old postage stamps and sending them to us? Another way to help raise funds is by sending us any unwanted or broken gold jewellery you might have.


Whether they’re British or overseas, just send them to us and we’ll turn your old postage stamps into funds to support Lucy's work to help mistreated, injured and abandoned donkeys in the Holy Land. Stamps are sold by weight. As a general guideline we can expect to receive around £20 for one kilogram of stamps, so do encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save their stamps for us.

Simply cut off the corner of the envelope with the stamp on (leaving about 1cm of envelope bordering the stamp). Put them in a jar or envelope and once you have a small collection, just send them to us at the address below.

Gold Jewellery

Our Gold Jewellery Appeal welcomes jewellery of any kind - whether it's an odd cufflink or earring, or a bracelet or necklace that you no longer wear. Every single item is gratefully received, and the money raised will be used to fund our work.

Please send to the address below.

Questions? Please contact


Please send stamps and/or jewellery to: Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation

PO Box 5426


BN50 8HZ



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