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Katy and Ben Hur

Katy and Ben Hur are just two of Lucy's wonderful rescued donkeys. He is a one-eyed, middle-aged, strong and well built tough boy whom Lucy rescued from a terrible life in the area of Qalqilya in the Palestinian West Bank. She is an elderly, gutsy little lady who is good at keeping him in his place.

Living at Lucy's sanctuary in Israel, they discovered each other - and together they are adorable!

When Lucy found him, Ben Hur was being made to gallop uphill, pulling a make shift cart carrying two big men, as he was being mercilessly beaten. He has lost one of his eyes and can only partially see through his other eye. Nevertheless, he is a feisty, lovable rogue character who constantly wants to show he’s boss. Particularly around the other boys, he can sometimes be a little bit of a bully boy.

Katy has learned to keep him in check and calm him down and he’s happy to let her boss him around for a change, and with her, he is quite a chivalrous gentleman. Katy was also a poor hard-working, abused donkey who came to Lucy's sanctuary from the area of Tulkarem in the Palestinian West Bank, where she had suffered a brutal attack as somebody attempted to sever her left ear.

These two little donkeys were fortunate enough to find each other at Lucy's sanctuary and form such a close bond - without your love and financial support, this would never have been possible.

If you are able to, please make a contribution to help Lucy's work and ensure that the beautiful sanctuary will always be there for these dear, amazing little souls. We are eternally grateful for all donations, no amount is ever too small! And please spread the word!


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