Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It is with much concern we have to tell you that donations in the last few months have gone back, despite several appeals, and the charity funds are now critically low. At present, there are barely enough funds to sustain the work of Lucy's rescue sanctuary and care for the 51 rescued donkeys and horses beyond November. We never want to have to face the awful possibility that we would have to close Lucy's desperately needed sanctuary down.

If each person reading this would be able to take action immediately by making even a small donation and also by trying to do all that they can to spread the news about Lucy's work and encourage others to support our small organisation, it could possibly really help us to gain more support before it will be too late.

We are so very grateful to the small amount of tremendously generous, caring people who have so kindly made a donation in the past or have set up monthly payments. This appeal is extremely hard because we know that we cannot and do not expect the same people who already do all they can to try to do even more. Please know that your generosity means everything to us and we are forever grateful.

PS: Please note that all our work is done voluntarily. There are no salaries and all of your donations are used directly for Lucy’s rescued donkeys’ needs.

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