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Update on our appeal

No words can fully express our gratitude to the very generous people who have given donations to help us in our emergency, especially when we know there are so many, very worthy causes around the world as well as disasters, all desperate for help.

Yet, we must continue to appeal for help as we need to build up more regular support if we are to survive.

If we cannot raise the ongoing urgently needed funds necessary to maintain our sanctuary for our 50 rescued donkeys and horses, which, per month, costs on average $6420 / £5000 / €5820 / 22,280 Israeli shekels, it will mean one thing - we will need to close.

A rough estimate of what it costs to provide for each one of our animals per month is:

$125 / £100 / €114 / ILS 446.

That includes everything - all feed, bedding, veterinary, farriery, the cost to rent our sanctuary and its electricity and water bills etc.

Please help in whatever way you may be able to, by making a donation, however small it may be, and by sharing news about our work. Please consider signing up to receive our printed news publications, so they can be passed on once read.

We thank you with all our hearts for all your support. You are amazing! 💕


(if you have any problems using this link, just go to our website and click on one of the three yellow DONATE buttons in the Website header, top right, to donate via PayPal)


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