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Goodbye little Katy

A few days ago, we had to take the tough decision to let our elderly Katy go in peace after she collapsed suddenly suffering from what our vet thinks was a major stroke. She went rigid and shaky and was unable to get up and the only kind thing to do for her was to help her on her way.

She and our Ben Hur, loved each other greatly so we left them together in their nighttime stable to give him time to understand and accept his loss.

It has been deeply sad losing her but we have to remember that we rescued her from across the border in the Palestinian West Bank in 2016 where she led a very difficult life, and she subsequently had a wonderful, content and peaceful few years with us being loved and cared for.

Thank you for making it possible for us to rescue, love and look after Katy and all our other little donkeys and animals.

Many of you are aware that our sanctuary is facing an extremely tough time and that we’ve had to appeal for major help, preferably in the form of another organization taking our sanctuary over. So far, that appeal has not yielded help in that form but we have had a couple of very kind people who have shown a willingness to step up and help by becoming a trustee in an effort to try to save the charity. We are so deeply grateful to them because by their own admission they don’t really know what exactly is expected of them, yet they are willing to give it a try and see what they can do to help take our charity forward and save our donkeys, so THANK YOU…

Please make a desperately needed donation if you can and share our appeals, any help you can give is so deeply appreciated.


Kommentering har blitt slått av.
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