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As at September 2020, the sanctuary in Israel is home to 53 donkeys and 3 horses, most of them rescued in Israel or the Palestinian West Bank from appalling circumstances, abuse or because they were abandoned, plus 7 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs. Here, we would like to introduce you to some of the equine residents and their stories.

Printable Donkey Book

One of our loyal supporters, Biggi, who has been out to volunteer at the sanctuary on many occasions, has kindly put together a printable booklet containing most of the sanctuary's donkey residents as of July 2020. All you need is Acrobat Reader. The file size is approx 9MB.


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Chico was helped by a kind lady living next to the border between Israel and Palestine in September 2020, at which point his age was guessed at about one and half years old. He had lots of scars and smaller cuts as well as quite a deep saddle pack wound to his back which was immediately treating with antibiotics, a special wound healing cream, dressings and bandages. As he was an entire male, he was also gelded at the sanctuary and has since made lots of lovely, new animal friends.
Sweet Shanaya was was left tethered with chains and ropes around her neck, under the sun in the boiling July temperatures, without water. Thankfully the police were called to make sure she was guarded until we could arrange for her to be safely brought to Lucy's sanctuary, where she seemed to immediately feel comfortable, had a long drink of water and a lovely munch of plentiful hay. Although she is still only young, it’s clear to see she’s already led a hard life.
Shayne was confiscated by the Israeli police when he was seen being abused while pulling a cart in a local village. He’s strong and well built and for that, he’s so obviously been fully taken advantage of. He’s been worked so hard and has such a badly scarred nose caused by the chains used to control him, yet he’s the sweetest, gentlest soul and is so grateful to be with us.
Stevie (Little Stephen)
Stevie was rescued by a kind Bedouin man in Southern Israel who had seen local children riding and abusing this donkey. He offered the youngsters money just to get Stevie away from the daily torture he had to endure. Though still young, Stevie has some an eyesight degeneration and has had to live his life at the ‘mercy’ of his abusers, despite the fact that he can barely see. His body is covered in scars but despite all he has been through, he’s calm and seems to appreciate a gentle human touch.
Gideon II
Gideon was rescued after two kind people spotted him stranded in the heavy pouring rain and floods with ropes around his neck in January 2020. He was soaked to the bone and turned out to be an ungelded male with a round tummy, rather than a pregnant female as his two rescuers first believed! After settling in, he was gelded a couple of days later. He was named after Lucy's beloved rescue donkey Gideon who has been missing since the arson attack on the old sanctuary in the summer of 2017.
Dear old Arnold was terribly abused at a market after being left abandoned in torrential rain. He was found by youngsters who decided to torment him and stone him and it took a week or so to secure his rescue. He is so grateful to be at the sanctuary, despite the abuse he’s suffered and the discomfort of his wounds and scars. He is a gentle and calm little donkey who has immediately found his place within our herd.
Paulo & Harry
Harry (the darker boy) and Paulo (the lighter) were rescued in July 2019. These two working donkeys were found being severely beaten next to a village that backs onto the Palestinian West Bank. They were confiscated by the Israeli army and Lucy was called to their rescue. Both had scars and wounds that are thankfully now healing. They were brought safely to the sanctuary during the night and are very attached to each other - possibly because of the trauma they both suffered & their joint rescue.
Alan had been hit by a car and left stranded and wounded by a busy roadside in the Arab town of Qalansuwa in late May 2019. The police called Lucy who found out that Alan had already been there for a few hours. He had lost a fair amount of blood and was bleeding from his nose, he also had various cuts on his body as well as above his eye and he was dehydrated. Thanks to Lucy's loving care, he's now healing and settling nicely in the sanctuary.
Taylor was rescued by Lucy in early April 2019, along with Valerie, who we believe was his mother (Valerie sadly passed away at the sanctuary in June 2020 after suffering from a tumour). They were both being viciously beaten and Lucy was called to rescue them, They were rescued right before a bad storm hit. Taylor has scars and injuries, showing what a hard life he must have endured before his rescue.
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