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If you believe in helping donkeys that are hard working, neglected, abused or victims of deliberate cruelty, then leaving a pecuniary gift (cash gift) to the charity, however big or small, in your will is a great way to do just that.

If you haven't already made out a will, you may want to take a look at online will writers such as Free Wills (, phone 0800 612 8352). There is no cost to either you or the charity to write a will.


For a phone/postal will writer, you may want to have a look at Will Drafters Ltd. (phone 0800 269 297,


Of course using the services of any other online will writer or solicitor sourced by yourself is always available to you.

Gifts that are 'unrestricted' (i.e. that the charity can use money where it is most needed) are invaluable and can make a real difference to vulnerable animals.


You will need the name, address and registration number of our charity - all can be found below in the website footer.


              THANK YOU!

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