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14 Feb 2020

Read Lucy's report from her most recent outreach clinic in the Palestinian village Ras Atira, close to the city of Qalilqilya, below: 

It was quite a cold, windy, on and off rainy afternoon and we treated 15 little working donkeys, plus one horse and one mule. 

Unfortunately our farrier was not able to join us for this visit so we need to retur...

22 Jan 2020

Late at night two days ago, Lucy received a call for help from two kind people. They had seen a poor donkey, who had been left stranded in the heavy pouring rain and floods with ropes around his neck. He was soaked to the bone and at first it was thought he was a pregnant female because of round stomach. In the midst of all the storms, heavy...

18 Jan 2020

Here are some impressions of one of Lucy's outreach clinics in the Bedouin encampment of Al Razaz, next to the border between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

Without Lucy and her small team, these working donkeys and horses would receive no help or farriery and veterinary care at all.

This is why your help and support is so crucial to us...

11 Jan 2020

Did you know that you can sell items on eBay and donate the proceeds directly to Lucy’s UK Donkey Foundation? Some of our wonderful supporters are already doing so (thank you!), and the proceeds are sent to us directly through the PayPal Giving Fund.

If you have any items you would like to sell and donate the proceeds to help donkeys in the Ho...

10 Jan 2020

No words can fully express our gratitude to the very generous people who have given donations to help us in our emergency, especially when we know there are so many, very worthy causes around the world as well as disasters, all desperate for help. 

Yet, we must continue to appeal for help as we need to build up more regular support if we are t...

8 Jan 2020

Tragically, we have lost one of Lucy's beautiful rescued donkeys, Crystal.

We don’t know what the cause was, she had been completely well but literally just collapsed and passed away, it was very sudden.

Dear Crystal was not young and she’d had a tremendously hard life before Lucy rescued her in 2016. She came to Lucy's sanctuary with her adu...

17 Dec 2019

In the midst of our desperate funding crisis, we have been incredibly fortunate to have some physical help for Lucy at the sanctuary from the Freemasons of Israel! Ten Masons from four different Grand Lodges recently went to the sanctuary for a long morning and worked very hard. 

They generously bought a huge 10 litre tin of green paint a...

16 Dec 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we have a wonderful new Patron for our little charity!

Welcome Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters and thank you so much for lending your support and putting the word out for us! We are so grateful to you!

Here's Drew's introduction to his patronage on his Facebook profile:

"I don't often make charity requests...