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Who we are

Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation is a UK registered charity (No. 1174959). Our main focus is to support the work undertaken by Lucy Fensom through Israel-based non-profit organisation Lucy’s Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys*.


We do this by raising funds in the UK which are used to help maintain a sanctuary in a small village between Netanya and Tulkarm for abused and abandoned donkeys in need of treatment, protection and a safe home. 


The funds we raise also enable Lucy and her small team to run mobile veterinary clinics to help the hard working donkeys, mules and horses in Israeli Arab villages and areas of the Palestinian West Bank, where they are a means to their owners' everyday livelihood. 


As part of their work, Lucy and her team make every effort to help educate the donkey owners to teach them better handling methods (including correct harnessing, foot care, dentistry, feeding) and to understand that their donkeys and horses are sentient beings that will improve their livelihood if they are cared for well and not suffering. 

Our mission 
  • To support and encourage a change of attitude towards working equines by owners living and working in Israel and the West Bank

  • To provide funds to support the charitable work of a bonafide not-for-profits charity* working in the Holy Land to alleviate pain and suffering of maltreated or abandoned equines

  • To provide funds, equipment and medication, enabling Lucy's Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys to work in Israel running and maintaining the sanctuary for donkeys in need of treatment, protection and a safe home

Our aims
  • To provide monthly funding to support Israel-based charity Lucy’s Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys*, promoting humane behavior towards animals 

  • To enable them to continue to provide a high standard of care, protection, treatment and security for animals in need of care or first aid medical treatment by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances

  • To enable them to educate the public, especially owners in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among working animals

Our set-up

Our patron


We have a board of four trustees in the UK who are enthusiastic and hardworking, keen to support the care of rescued equines and improve the lives of working animals. They are supported by a number of voluntary fundraisers who work closely with the trustees. The work on the ground is carried out by Lucy’s Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys, an Israeli registered non-profit organisation run by founder Lucy Fensom.  


Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard of TV programme Salvage Hunters is one of Britain’s leading architectural salvage dealers - with a soft spot for donkeys!

About Lucy Fensom

Lucy Fensom and her rescued donkeys (and cat)

UK-born Lucy Fensom has been working with donkeys and other equines in Israel and the Palestinian Territories since 2000. In 2015, encouraged by loyal supporters of her work, Lucy set up and registered a sanctuary, Lucy’s Sanctuary for Donkeys in the Holy Land*, in Israel as a non-profit organisation. Her work continues to grow daily. She has supporters in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA but predominantly the UK.


To find out how Lucy became involved in equine welfare in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, read Lucy's story.

*Lucy's Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys is an Israel registered charity ('amutah'; a non-profit organisation, registered in Israel under the number 580615110). 

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