How you can help

There are several ways in which you can support Lucy Fensom to help donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Just click on the relevant heading to find out more. Without your wonderful help, we would not be able to help these animals who are in such dire need, so a big thank you for all your support!

You can donate by credit/debit card, via bank transfer or set up a regular standing order to our UK bank account to support our work. There even is a way for you to help the donkeys while you shop online!

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We need 100 people to pledge just £2 per month in order to support a day's Outreach work to help working donkeys, horses and mules.

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You can adopt any of the sanctuary donkeys at the cost of £20. These adoptions help the charity raise much needed funds.

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We have lots of donated equine items and meds which need to make it to Israel, so we are looking for people who are planning to travel to Israel from the UK and are prepared to take some.

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