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Equine Items

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we now have a plentiful supply of many items that should last Lucy a while, but there are some smaller things that Lucy always needs - these are listed below.  

Unfortunately at the moment we cannot afford to transport all our current stored supplies to Israel and at some point in the future, storage could become a concern. It costs approximately £15 / $20 per kilo to have the goods shipped to Israel, and that doesn’t include the charges that the Israeli customs add on and sadly that is never a set amount.

If there is anybody out there who would be willing to consider sponsoring or part sponsoring a shipment to Lucy’s sanctuary in Israel, please email us.

Most urgently needed items

  • Anti fly creams

  • Anti fly spray liquid

  • Fly traps

  • Pony sized head collars

  • Nose chain covers

  • Melonin dressings (larger sizes)

  • Animalintex dressings (all sizes)

  • Antibiotic eye ointment

  • Wound ointments (Sudocrem etc).

Travelling to Israel?

Do you know of anybody who might be travelling to Israel and would be willing to take some of our items with them to the sanctuary or see if we can arrange for collection from their location?

If so, please get in touch, as it would help get some of the items out to Lucy quicker as well as help save a lot of money on shipping costs.

UK Delivery Address:

Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation
31 Brangwyn Avenue

United Kingdom

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