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How can I set up a regular donation?

The costs of running a sanctuary in Israel are high. In addition to the monthly rent, there are regular, recurring costs such as feed, veterinary, farrier, medication, sawdust etc. You can help us immensely by setting up a regular monthly donation, as it enables us to better budget and use the donations most effectively.

At present, there are two ways in which you can set up a regular monthly payment.

UK Supporters

If you have a UK bank account, the most cost efficient way to set up a monthly payment is by setting up a standing order with your bank.


You can do this completing this form and sending it to your bank or by setting up a standing order via your bank's online banking service, using the bank account details found on the form.

Don't forget to let us know so we know who to thank!

Non-UK Supporters


You can choose to set up a monthly donation in GBP, USD or EUR:

  1. Click on the relevant Paypal link:


  2. Enter the amount you would like to donate on a monthly basis; please note that you will be entering the amount in pence; i.e. if you want to donate GBP 10, you will need to enter '1000' 

  3. Tick the box that says 'Make this a monthly donation'.

  4. Now follow the instructions (if you haven't already got a PayPal account you can set it up during the donation process)




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