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Alan... a few weeks later

Beautiful Alan, who Lucy rescued a few weeks ago after he had been involved in a car accident and lost quite a lot of blood, has been learning to appreciate his new life - safe and content at Lucy's peaceful sanctuary for long-ears! He is settling in very well and it hopefully won’t be much longer until he can fully integrate with all his new donkey and horse friends. The vet did some blood tests for him and he is under antibiotic treatment and medication for a blood infection and low blood pressure, and on an iron supplement for anaemia. He is such a precious, humble soul despite all he has suffered, his beautiful eyes are full of trust and appreciation. Please if you are able to make a con

Another rescue… and another heartbreak…

A few days ago Lucy received a call from the local police in the early morning asking for her help because a poor donkey had been hit by a car and left stranded and wounded. The police had noticed him standing by the busy roadside in the Arab town of Qalansuwa and were concerned he could cause another road traffic accident. They told Lucy they had tried to call a few different organisations for help but nobody had answered but fortunately they were then given Lucy's number. That poor little donkey had already been there for a few hours according to somebody who had seen him at dawn. He had lost a fair amount of blood and was bleeding from his nose, he also had various cuts on his body as wel

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