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An update on dear Zachariah, the blind donkey

No matter how deeply traumatized a donkey may be when they are rescued by Lucy, it is always worth trying everything to help them find their way to love and a safe, contented life. Here is an update on Zachariah, who was found at the Syrian border with gouged out eyes and stab wounds on each side of his neck, back in April 2017. Many of you showed great compassion for his unbearable fate and helped him with good wishes and prayers. After a few very difficult years for this poor little traumatized donkey, we are so happy to tell you that Lucy's efforts and patience have helped him enormously. While in the beginning no-one could even have dreamed about getting close to him or touching him, it

Outreach trip to Palestinian village Ras Atira

This is Lucy's account of her latest outreach trip: "These pictures are from our recent visit to the Palestinian village of Ras Atira. Shortly after this visit, the COVID-19 pandemic got a whole lot more serious, eventually leading to the tight restrictions we have today with the same ‘stay at home’ regulations as everywhere else. The West Bank and border crossings are now completely closed off, nobody can go in and nobody can go out, so, very sadly, this was really the last outreach clinic we were able to do. Tragically we are now not able to go in to try to give our help to those poor hard working animals as we have had to temporarily suspend our work there. We have no idea when any restri

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