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Christmas cards now on sale!

Christmas comes but once a year... And although it might not seem like it right now, it will be upon us before we know it! Therefore, our Christmas cards have just gone on sale. They were lovingly hand-crafted and designed by Georgie's Creative Side. A pack of 5 costs £5 with free postage within the UK*. All proceeds will go to support Lucy’s critical work with donkeys in the Holy Land. While you’re looking at the Christmas Cards, why not have a look at the other products in our Gift Shop and get the first few presents ticked off your Christmas shopping list early? We have lovely donkey themed products such as keyrings, handmade knitted and crochet donkeys, plush donkeys, soap tins, potter

Visitor's Day at the Sanctuary in Israel

Last week, Lucy and her volunteers organised a Visitors Day at the rescue sanctuary. The day went really well and Lucy is planning to organise another similar event in the near future. The sanctuary is always open for visitors at any time but this event was advertised locally and about 35 families came to see Lucy's donkeys, bringing with them carrots and lots of love. Lucy's 46 donkeys, 3 horses, dogs and cats all had a wonderful day and really enjoyed the attention and treats of course! Thank you to all those who visited and gave a donation and for making it a special day, we all appreciate your support very much. Please consider supporting us with a one-off or regular donation and by spre

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