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Welcome to the world baby John!

Meet newborn foal John, born earlier this week to mama Siggi, whom Lucy rescued last summer. Each little life is safely here with us, yet the costs to keep them safe with us will continue for as long as they live. We all know how grateful we feel when we see how rescue shelters around the world have rescued and saved a little soul and the relief we feel knowing that they are now safe. But how many people actually think about the next step? Now that a little life is safe, how do we provide for their daily care, their feed, shelter and basic comfort, medical care, farriery? How can this be achieved without your help? The real costs begin when we first rescue and need to start providing that cr

Meet the sanctuary residents!

It's been a long time coming, but we are very pleased to announce that we have now added a page to our website with a photo gallery of Lucy's rescued donkeys. We haven't yet added all of them but aim to do so over time. So far, 23 of the currently 43 sanctuary residents are featured. Just click on the picture below to be taken to the gallery, where you can click on each animal's picture to see a short story about them. DONATE NOW

The latest Bulletin is out

You might have already received a paper copy - if not, here's the digital version of our Bulletin, kindly produced and funded by one of our supporters. Click here to read the Bulletin (Adobe Reader required)

Little Poppy and her mama Carrots

Just look at this recent picture of Carrots and her lovely little foal Poppy. Who could not love those beautiful long-ears? Poppy was born at Lucy's sanctuary last November with severe scoliosis. She's Lucy's adorable little hunchback of Emek Hefer! Thank you so much to all you wonderful, kind souls who work so hard to support the sanctuary and Lucy's work. We cannot do it without your help and we are eternally grateful for your generosity and love. These little lives, and more, have been saved because of your support, donations and love. To help keep the sanctuary in Israel going with a donation you have several options: Click here to donate with credit or debit card (PayPal) Click here to

Our new video

Don't miss out on our little video presentation of Lucy's work! And please continue to spread the word! DONATE NOW

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