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Israel's Freemasons volunteer at Lucy's Donkey Sanctuary

In the midst of our desperate funding crisis, we have been incredibly fortunate to have some physical help for Lucy at the sanctuary from the Freemasons of Israel! Ten Masons from four different Grand Lodges recently went to the sanctuary for a long morning and worked very hard. They generously bought a huge 10 litre tin of green paint and painted fences and posts, they dug holes for some foundations for a shelter Lucy is hoping to put up since the materials are already there, they cleaned, they tidied, they checked the sanctuary's CCTV connections and they fixed up a lovely bench among many other things! They were warm, friendly, helpful and kind and they came and gave their precious time t

Drew Pritchard becomes our first patron!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a wonderful new Patron for our little charity! Welcome Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters and thank you so much for lending your support and putting the word out for us! We are so grateful to you! Here's Drew's introduction to his patronage on his Facebook profile: "I don't often make charity requests but I have a real soft spot for donkeys. They're like dogs but MUCH bigger and I'm delighted to have been made Patron of Lucy's Donkey Sanctuary based here in the UK. I wanted to spread the word of the great work they do which is apt considering the time of year so if you're looking for a gift this Christmas, I would urge you to check them out on Face

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