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The problem with nose chains...

A Palestinian man stopped by Lucy's sanctuary a few days ago to get some help for his boy... As we have seen so many times, the nose chains that are used to control the working donkeys and horses often pull too tight and eat into their soft flesh. It's just so sad that these precious creatures are maimed this way as a result.

However, the sheer fact that this man cared enough to come by and get help to tend the wound and get a nose chain cover (which are so lovingly made by our supporters), to put on to protect his donkey's little velvet nose from further damage, is a miracle in itself.

It shows that at least a little of the seed of compassion that Lucy works so hard to instill into hearts and minds, has taken root amongst some. It is a constant uphill struggle though, that requires endless patience and devotion.

Please, please help and support Lucy's work, now and into future so she can continue her wonderful work and always be there for these dear, over worked, often abused souls.

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