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Lucy's sanctuary donkeys at night

Two of Lucy's latest rescues, Jeremiah and Elijah, came to the Sanctuary with deep, raw pressure sores caused by friction from their harnesses. Every day, Lucy treats the wounds by washing, dressing by applying a special mix of antibiotic liquid or powder and a good wound ointment, and then bandaging so the dressing stays in place.

They are healing and improving but it takes time and the donkeys, despite how painful it must be, show remarkable patience, most of the time! They are so used to being roughly handled, beaten, kicked and hurt that when Lucy bends down to talk to them and cuddle them, she can see them looking at her with their little wary eyes as if to say, ‘is this really a two legged next to us yet not hurting us..’

They are really dear little boys who have had a very lucky escape and are now safely tucked up in their warm little barn each night, cared for, fed and most important of all, loved.

Thank you for making it possible for us to be here for these Donkeys who need our love and care.

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