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We come to you with an urgent appeal. Due to low funds and barely enough to see Lucy’s sanctuary through the next two months, Lucy is now under advice not to accept any more donkeys into her sanctuary until more funds come in.

This is obviously crushing news and heartbreaking for any sanctuary and more difficult than anyone could believe. Just how does one turn a donkey in need away?

And worryingly, if there’s nowhere else for them to go, then where might they end up during these dreadful times with the current huge value on a donkey’s head for his hide? (If you haven't heard about the horrendous trade in donkey hides, just google 'donkey hide trade' or go to this BBC report for more information)

What would have happened to Michael if Lucy hadn’t been there for him? He was recently rescued after he was confiscated by the Israeli army, from his child owners who were abusing him. Michael has a nasty friction wound on his back caused by constant rubbing on the area by a filthy, old harness, which was infested with flies and maggots. Once Lucy got him safely back to her sanctuary, she washed the wound thoroughly and removed all the old rotting flesh and debris. As you can see from the photos below, after just over a week’s worth of treatment, it’s so uplifting to see it shrinking in size and healing so well.

And what would have happened to Elijah, another young donkey recently rescued from near the Palestinian border, overworked, beaten and left with horrible sores sores on his body? A few days ago, Lucy noticed that he had fluid oozing from the right side of his face. She washed the area and then saw he had three holes there, all exuding pus - he must have had an internal abscess that had burst. The vet put him on very strong antibiotics and NSAIDs. Abscesses can sometimes take a few months to build up before they rupture. Lucy thinks that Elijah must have had a blow to the face, suffered some sort of trauma to that area, when he was still a working donkey in the Palestinian West Bank. It’s unbearable to think what could have happened to him and the pain he would have suffered had he not been rescued by Lucy.

Please support Lucy's critical work to help these precious donkey souls in the Holy Land. Will you consider setting up a regular payment, either by PayPal ( or bank transfer, to help maintain the sanctuary so that the rescued animals living there now and others in need in the future can continue to be looked after? Please click here to find out how.

We thank you for all your wonderful support. Without our supporters, Elijah and Michael and all the other donkeys would have had a very different future. Only with your help can we ensure they can live out their lives in peace and others can join them.


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