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From floods to golden sunsets...

Last week, Israel was hit by an unprecedented amount of rainfall over a few days resulting in flooded roads, shops and homes. The Alexander River, which is not far from Lucy’s sanctuary, rose to such a high level that it overflowed, hence an overflowing drainage ditch next to the sanctuary channeled a lot of water in the sanctuary’s direction.

Fortunately it only affected one end of the donkeys’ shelter, but Lucy did have to rescue baby Molly who she found very nearly up to her knees in water!

Thankfully this week the weather has been much kinder, the sun is shining and all flood water has subsided, but it has meant a lot of extra work for Lucy and her helpers trying to dry out the very wet parts of the sanctuary.

If you can help with a donation, please click here to find out how. Without the support of kind supporters like you, Lucy would simply not be able to continue her critical work to help donkeys in the Holy Land.

Thank you so much!

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