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Another sad story

Last Sunday, Lucy was called out to this poor dear suffering soul in the Arab town of Qalansuwa. God alone knows how long she had been lying there during the persistent heavy rain they have had in the region for the past few days.

Thankfully, a nearby carpenter saw her and after trying to appeal for help from authorities without success, he was given Lucy’s number.

He told Lucy how he had witnessed the owner coming along and removing the horse’s head collar seeing she was lying there in the mud and water, knowing she was dying. He took the head collar and walked off without a care in the world, leaving her cold and wet, unable to move. Left her to die a miserable, prolonged death.

How evil can so called human beings be.

The kind man who had seen her said he had tried to call everywhere: the municipal veterinary authorities, the SPCA and other animal welfare organisations, before somebody eventually gave him Lucy’s details so she was able to go to her. Lucy had expected to pay her vet to meet her there to euthanise the horse but fortunately as she arrived, a vet from the Ministry of Agriculture arrived too and was able to euthanise the poor horse and finally end her suffering.

Only a young little horse, who had possibly been a victim of some sort of accident, we don’t know for sure but there were suspected broken limbs and internal injuries. God rest her precious soul...

Please click here if you would like to help cover the costs of running Lucy's sanctuary in Israel, food, vet and farrier visits, and Lucy's outreach/rescue work in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

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