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Little Molly at Lucy's sanctuary

At just 5 weeks old, lovely little ‘unexpected’ baby Molly is growing so fast... always safely alongside mama Grace.

Grace was an abused working donkey, rescued by Lucy from an awful life where she was forced every day to canter along pulling her heavily laden cart, even though she had terribly crippled feet. Even now, the farrier still has to trim her hooves in a special way to help try to improve her balance.

Please help Lucy make the difference for these abused, over worked, neglected and abandoned donkeys in the Holy Land. Please help make it possible for Lucy to always be here for them and provide them with a safe and loving sanctuary in the Holy Land. Your support is critical for Lucy’s work to continue and for her sanctuary to remain open. We are deeply grateful for any help you may be able to give.

Thank you ♥️

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