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Meet baby Bru!

Finally, a dear little ‘extra long ears’ has arrived at Lucy's sanctuary in Israel! Rescued mama Elsa recently gave birth to this handsome little soul whom Lucy named ‘Bru’.

Another little mouth soon to feed once milk alone won’t be enough. And Lucy cannot do it without you... To give you an idea of the good your donations can do:

  • A donation of £10 or $13 can feed one of Lucy's little rescued donkeys for a week.

  • A donation of £15 or $20 can provide wood shavings for an absorbent bedding for a whole month, for one of the donkeys.

  • A donation of £70 or $95 can provide a bottle of pain killing medicine or antibiotics.

Lucy's small sanctuary is in desperate need of regular kind donations. However much you may be able to give will help and will be so appreciated.

As a charity, we fully rely on your generous help and we are determined to do everything to keep Lucy's sanctuary going so that she can always be there for tortured, abused and neglected donkeys who need her help.

We are so grateful for any donation made, no matter how small it is. There are so many abused donkeys desperately waiting to be helped, so any amount will help towards Lucy being able to take more of these poor souls in to her sanctuary and to increase her education and treatment clinics. Of course it is not just the initial cost of rescuing and taking in another donkey, it is the ongoing cost that we have to remember, including the basics such as feed, veterinary and farriery care.

All donations are deeply valued and appreciated. Click here to find out how to donate.

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