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Lucy’s darling, blind Zachariah

Just look at dear boy Zachariah, the little donkey Lucy found at the Syrian border last year. He was dreadfully traumatised and in pain after having had his eyes gouged out and his neck stabbed each side.

Here he is with his little angel cushion which somebody has so lovingly given to put in his stable. Without your help, Lucy could not have rescued tortured Zachariah and given him a safe life where he is loved and cherished. It doesn't bear thinking what would have become of him.

Lucy's small sanctuary is in desperate need of regular donations to cover the ongoing expenses of running the sanctuary, including the basics such as feed, veterinary and farriery care, and to continue to provide a safe refuge for those gentle souls.

To give you an idea of the good your donations can do:

  • A donation of £10 or $13 can feed one of the rescued donkeys for a week.

  • A donation of £15 or $20 can provide wood shavings for an absorbent bedding for a whole month, for one of the donkeys.

  • A donation of £70 or $95 can provide a bottle of pain killing medicine or antibiotics.

Will you consider setting up a monthly donation through your bank or PayPal to provide the much needed regular support? Click here to find out how.

Not able to send regular payments but still keen to help? Every single donation will help us to support Lucy, so she can keep the sanctuary open and continue to help the donkeys who so desperately need her.

(donations will be charged in GBP, but you can use to convert into your own currency)

Click here for other ways to donate (bank transfer, Paypal etc).

We also have a small Online Shop with lovely donkey themed merchandise and gifts - all proceeds will go to support Lucy’s work in Israel.

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