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Rest In Peace beautiful Jeronimo... 🙏🏻

This week, Lucy had to say a sad goodbye to her precious Jeronimo, after 17 years with her.

He had suffered from chronic laminitis & arthritic joints for some time and had reached the point where the pain medication was no longer helping him and he could not gain any weight.

The past few days he just didn’t look happy, he was miserable and Lucy could see in his eyes that he’d had enough and didn’t want to suffer anymore.

Lucy is heartbroken over losing him but she did the right thing - she could not allow him to suffer more. And we can take comfort in knowing that his last 17 years were spent with someone who loved him and cared for him in a peaceful environment. He was one of the lucky ones, thanks to Lucy and the help from her supporters.

Jeronimo, you are desperately missed and will always be greatly loved. ♥️

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