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Looking for a special present for UK Mother's Day (31st March 2019)?

John with mama Siggi and Stormcat the horse at Lucy's sanctuary in Israel

Hello, I’m baby John, I was born almost a month ago at my lovely, safe home, Lucy’s sanctuary here in Israel. That’s my Mama, Siggi, to my left and big Stormcat to my right and we are just 3 of the 44 rescued donkeys and horses here. Our wonderful shelter is in desperate need of donations so that it can continue to look after us and keep us safe, healthy and loved, so here's an idea: How about sponsoring me or one of my donkey friends for one year in your mother's name? (have a look here to see some of my long - and shorter - eared friends).

Sample Adoption Certificate

Only £20 (inc. free UK P&P) will get you a year's sponsorship, you will also get a lovely certificate sent to you or your mother in time for the big day.

Simply go to our Gift Shop and select the item 'Donkey Adoptions' or email us - don't forget to mention the name of the recipient and the name of your chosen donkey!

Please place orders by Wednesday, 27th March, to ensure it gets to you in time for Mother's Day.

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