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Appeal for help to cover the cost of little Poppy's X-ray

Poppy is a beautiful little soul born with severe scoliosis of the spine at Lucy's sanctuary to her mama Carrots in November last year.

She is now 4 months old and a few days ago had her first X-ray to enable us to see how it is affecting her spine and rib cage. The result is worrying because of how it could affect her in the future as she grows.

The vet who did the X-ray was astounded and has sent the images to the veterinary hospital in south Tel Aviv because she says the condition is rare to see in Israel.

The general consensus is that nothing can be done, and that for a human too, it would be too much of a risk to attempt to try to operate.

They say we must just watch Poppy closely and see if she shows signs of pain in the future, the concern is that the nerves of the spine could cause unbearable pain as Poppy grows as well as other complications. We pray this won't be the case.

Poppy is the most adorable, friendly, gentle and loving little donkey and we must hope for the best and give our positive, healing and loving thoughts and prayers for this lovely little girl.

The X-ray cost 640 Israeli shekels (£134 / $177). Will you consider a donation to cover the cost of this X-ray? Please click here to find out how you can donate.

Please note: Should circumstances change or we exceed our target, the trustees reserve the right to treat all donations as 'unrestricted' and will use the funds as most benefits the animals.

Carrots and little Poppy

The X-ray of Poppy's spine

Poppy with the hump on her back clearly visible.

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