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Latest news from the sanctuary

Apologies for the radio silence, but the last few weeks have been very busy for Lucy who, in the midst of so much else, had to move house with her family - two and four-legged. Very sadly, their new landlord would not allow their rescued cats and dog to be at the new home, so Lucy and her family had no other choice but to settle them in at the sanctuary with the donkeys. Donkeys and cats definitely seem to have a very special bond, so at least that’s positive.

Lucy and everybody at Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation would like to express their heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to some truly amazing volunteers who went to Israel from Germany and Sweden to help out at Lucy's sanctuary and who made it possible for her and her family to concentrate on their move. They would never have managed without these Angels - our wonderful volunteers Biggi Zielo, Sandra Mayer, Kerstin Turley and Pia and Stefan Wallin ♥️.

Please, please remember that Lucy's little Holy Land sanctuary and outreach work cannot continue without your generosity and we all are so eternally grateful for your support. With the exception of one ad hoc helper, everybody works entirely voluntarily and dedicates their lives to caring for and protecting these little rescued donkeys, horses, cats and dogs.

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