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Update on Alan

Sweet little Alan, the car accident survivor donkey, has just had a growth removed from the upper, back of left leg area, which the vet says shows all the signs of being cancerous. He said it is also growing internally but he did not want to dig too deep, so he has removed what he could and is keeping a close eye on him. Dear Alan was a very good boy standing quietly and patiently while it was done, although he was very mildly sedated.

As you probably know, everybody at the sanctuary (apart from one ad-hoc helper) and at Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation works entirely voluntarily. This, however, does not apply to the vet, and to date the cost of Alan’s treatments (which include his eye infection after the accident, treatment for anaemia and the removal of the tumour, also a castrations operation) has already amounted to a total of nearly £1000 (approx. $1250 or €1100). Any donation to help cover this and other costs will be greatly appreciated. You can also help us by spreading the word and many other ways (click here to find out how).

Please click on the images for a larger version and further information

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