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Meet Harry and Paulo

Like so many places in our world, there are areas in the Middle East where people are particularly cruel to poor donkeys. They are too often seen as nothing more than an object to be used, abused, even ridiculed and tortured. We need to do all that we can to ensure Lucy's sanctuary will always be here to give a safe home to all those who need love and protection, away from the dangers of this cruel, hard world.

Next to a small village that backs onto the Palestinian West Bank, these two working donkeys were found being severely beaten and were subsequently confiscated by the army and then Lucy was called to their rescue. Both with scars and wounds that are thankfully now healing, they were brought safely to the sanctuary during the night.

Harry, the darker boy, and Paulo, the lighter, are attached to each other, perhaps because of the trauma they’ve both suffered and then having been together during their rescue. Although Paulo is more timid than Harry, he is gaining confidence slowly but surely and it’s possible to see the contentment in their faces and the fact that they know they are now completely safe and of course very much loved.

These two dear boys bring Lucy's rescued donkey family to 46 along with 3 horses and the little cats and dogs, all living very happily at the small sanctuary in the Holy Land. Lucy works devotedly to do everything she can to rescue and care for abused, abandoned, often injured donkeys, and apart from one casual, part time helper, Lucy and any other helpers work entirely voluntarily.

Lucy would also love to expand her clinics in the towns and villages to help more working donkeys and horses and continue to work to instil understanding into the hearts of their handlers and owners.

We desperately need your help to ensure this can happen through your continued generosity and support - so please help us if you can, by making a donation, however large or small, we are forever grateful.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity and for all you do to help our sanctuary survive. 🙏🏻♥️



  • FOOD: Every month there are approximately 15 large half ton bales delivered to the sanctuary and each bale costs approximately £110 \ $138 - so that’s nearly £1650 \ $2070 a month just to feed all the animals.

  • SAWDUST: The only bedding Lucy uses for her donkeys which helps to keep things as clean and dry as possible is sawdust. Each heavy bag costs £2.75 \ $3.47 and she uses 12 bags a day, approximately 360 bags each month - a total of £985\ $1240 a month.

  • SANCTUARY RENTAL COSTS: The sanctuary is in a wonderful location and Lucy's donkeys have a lovely safe cosy shelter where they go to bed each night, and they have a beautiful, spacious field to run and play in all day. The sanctuary rental currently is £620 \ $783 each month.

  • VET AND FARRIER: We also have of course veterinary bills which can average between £210 \ $265 to £420 \ $530 each month. The donkeys and horses also need the farrier to come to trim their hooves every 8 to 10 weeks, this works out at about £715 \ $900 each time.


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