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The Autumn Newsletter is out!

Our latest Newsletter is out, and as always, it is packed with information and news about Lucy and her donkeys in the Holy Land.

Just click on the image below to read it:


Please note that if you wish to order from our Online Shop in time for Christmas, the following order deadlines apply:

Last date for us to receive your order:

South Africa/Sweden/Australia: Friday, 6th December* Israel/Austria/Switzerland/USA/Canada: Monday, 9th December* Germany/Netherlands: Wednesday, 11th December* France: Friday, 13th December* UK: Monday, 16th December


* Important note on non-UK orders:

Please note it is only possible to order from our Online Gift shop if the delivery address is in the UK. If you are based outside the UK and wish to order, use the Online Gift Shop to see our Gift selection, then send us an email detailing your order. We will then work out the postage and let you know the total amount of your order. Once the money has arrived via wire transfer or PayPal, we will post the order.

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