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eBay for Charity

Did you know that you can sell items on eBay and donate the proceeds directly to Lucy’s UK Donkey Foundation? Some of our wonderful supporters are already doing so (thank you!), and the proceeds are sent to us directly through the PayPal Giving Fund.

If you have any items you would like to sell and donate the proceeds to help donkeys in the Holy Land, or if you are interested in buying some of the items already on offer by some of our supporters, simply go to our eBay page by clicking below:

If you are based in the UK, there are also other ways to help us while you shop online - at no extra cost to you. Whether it be Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer's, Next, Amazon, Tesco's or thousands more, your shopping in the UK can help the donkeys in the Holy Land! Click here to find out more.

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