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Outreach clinic in the Palestinian West Bank

Read Lucy's report from her most recent outreach clinic in the Palestinian village Ras Atira, close to the city of Qalilqilya, below:

It was quite a cold, windy, on and off rainy afternoon and we treated 15 little working donkeys, plus one horse and one mule.

Unfortunately our farrier was not able to join us for this visit so we need to return there again soon. We treated quite a few damaged and bleeding noses caused by controlling nose chain straps and we covered the chains with our comfy new nose chain covers, so lovingly made by our caring supporters. There were also several harness sores that needed cleansing and soothing wound ointment put on, though thankfully none of the wounds were severe. We gave worming medicine to all the animals and made sure they each had some carrots to munch and that they would feel a loving hand and a whispered prayer.

There are times when it feels so unbearable. My heart is so deeply moved by these innocent little creatures and all I want is to make a tremendous difference and find the way to get through to some of these people who own the working animals. There are times that it feels more positive and times when it feels a little futile, and this particular clinic felt less positive. It’s near impossible without adequate resources and staff, that a task such as this requires, to make enough of an impact. We are just two volunteers with a paid vet trying to go there to help and give as much as we can to those poor animals and the owners who rely upon them.

But the intolerable indifference and the sometimes deliberate cruelty I have to witness, can be extremely tough to try to cope with and process. I can’t get angry and demand anything because I’m a stranger in these people’s villages. It’s considered, by many, a risk even to go there so I need to behave with humility and respect at all times. Also, in any case, to be upset or angry would get me absolutely nowhere and it would definitely not benefit the animals in any way whatsoever, it could only harm them more. They are the sole reason why we go there - to try to make their future a little more hopeful somehow, by helping their owners to understand their animals and treat them with some compassion.

Sometimes I think the only thing we can do is keep plugging away, keep at it, no matter how futile it can seem. I have to keep my faith that God is somehow working behind the scenes and of course, we can never know if, by watching us work, even just one person or maybe a child, might be touched by watching what we are doing. They might one day look back and always remember what caring and kindness looked like, even in the midst of their problems and darkness.

Remember: We can ONLY keep being here for these animals, being their hope, with YOUR support 🙏🏻 Please support us and help us to keep soldiering on ♥️ Thank you so much!

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