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🙏🏼♥️ To all our dear supporters ♥️🙏🏼

A little message to say wherever you are in the world, we are thinking about you and praying that you and your loved ones will stay safe, healthy and well.

It seems of course out of place for us to appeal for donations at such a time as this when none of us know what the future holds and all that any of us are really able to do now, is just take each day as it comes.

In the meantime Lucy's little sanctuary continues, just about. Our finances are such that we just scrape by each month, we have no reserve whatsoever to see us through for the months ahead. And now, with our world in crisis, we hope and pray for miracles yet we know we need to somehow be prepared for what may possibly become inevitable.

Of course if you are still able to make any donation to help our sanctuary to survive, we would be so deeply thankful to you, please just know that every little amount can help, no matter how much. Just click on one of the buttons below.

Lucy has recently taken in to the sanctuary, dear old Arnold, bringing our rescued donkey family to 49. You will see some pictures below. This poor, dear donkey was so terribly abused at a market after being left abandoned in torrential rain - he was found by youngsters who decided to torment him and stone him. It took Lucy a week or so to secure his rescue but finally, now, he is safe, secure and content at Lucy's sanctuary. He is so grateful to be there, despite the abuse he’s suffered and the discomfort of his wounds and scars. He is a gentle and calm little donkey who has immediately found his place within the herd. He had also already been gelded so that, at least, has been a saving for us!

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