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Meet Little Stephen (Stevie)

Meet Little Stephen (Stevie), another very poor little soul who has had to endure a hard life but who is now safely at the sanctuary, and it’s such a comfort to see how he can sense that he no longer has anything to fear.

Being beaten, abused and forced to live a life of hell would be bad enough when you have your eye sight, but this little donkey, though still young, has some form of eyesight degeneration and has had to live his life at the ‘mercy’ of his abusers, forced to try to cooperate with their demands despite the fact that he can barely see anything.

Stevie was very fortunately rescued by an angel in the form of a kind Bedouin man in Southern Israel. He saw local children riding this donkey and abusing him and he was so sickened by it that he offered the youngsters money in exchange for the donkey, anything to get him away from the daily torture he was made to endure.

Stevie’s poor body is covered in scars but he was given a soothing wash shortly after his arrival at the sanctuary, and despite all he has been through, he’s surprisingly calm and seems to appreciate a gentle human touch. Lucy is convinced this is because he is a very sensitive soul and can just sense he is now safe and cared for and that no hand will hurt him again.

The vet has done the necessary operation so now little Stevie can relax, recover, gain a little weight and of course, soon make some new donkey buddies.

He brings the total number of rescued donkeys at the sanctuary to 50!

We dearly want to thank you, our beloved supporters, for your wonderful hearts and immense kindness, especially at this difficult, unprecedented time. YOU are the only reason we are able to continue!

Our regular, monthly, incoming funds are still below our minimal budget so we still need more regular support and also more help to bring awareness of our work, so please do keep sharing our posts and spreading the word about our little charity.

Stay safe and stay well.

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