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Meet our new sanctuary arrival: Chico

Dear Chico was rescued last week from a horrific life of abuse and overwork. He is a youngster of a year and half approximately, who was helped by a kind lady living next to the border between Israel and Palestine. He has lots of scars and smaller cuts as well as quite a deep saddle pack wound to his back which is being treated with antibiotics, a special wound healing cream, dressings and bandages. He is a precious soul, so grateful to be out of the darkness and safe at last. As this little donkey was an entire male, the vet came to perform the obligatory operation and Chico is now recovering beautifully as he gets used to his new home at our little sanctuary and makes lots of lovely, new animal friends. (Scroll down for pictures)

If you would be able to help us look after and provide for Chico now and into the future, we would be so very grateful to you for your desperately needed support.

THANK YOU for all donations, whatever the amount may be. Your help means everything to us and our little donkeys. Only thanks to you is our vital work able to continue!

God bless you all for your care, kindness and thoughtfulness 🙏🏼♥️


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