Sanctuary tractor urgently needed

Lucy and the volunteers at the 4 acre sanctuary are struggling with the heavy manual work without the use of a tractor for digging, scraping, spreading sand, lifting/moving heavy hay bales and dealing with the muck heap. Unfortunately, a second hand tractor is very expensive in the Holy Land, costing £8000 to £9000.

We need to raise this money as soon as possible. Can you please help? For a donation of £25 or more to help purchase a tractor, supporters can choose either:

A) A donkey brooch, 28x28mm (UK only)


B) A donkey keyring, 35x30mm (UK only)

Both come with a beautiful photo of Lucy with her donkeys.

Click for full image



Step 1:

Donate by PayPal, GoFundMe or bank transfer (click here for details), using the reference TRACTOR OR by cheque payable to Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation (if paying by cheque, please add a note with the reference TRACTOR and the information listed in Step 2&3, and send the cheque to our PO Box address on our website footer)

Step 2:

Please email with the following information:

- Your full name

- Your address including postcode

- How you have paid (Paypal, GoFundMe, bank transfer)

Step 3:

If you have donated £25 or more, please also add to your email whether you would like:

- brooch

- key ring

- photo only

Please note: Should the circumstances change or we exceed our target, the trustees reserve the right to treat all donations as 'unrestricted' and will use the funds as most benefits the needs of the animals.


Any questions? Just email Heather with your query.

If you are having problems with the website, please email Erika.

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