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Meet Lucy's latest rescuee: Siggi

Another little, possibly pregnant, hard working donkey rescued from a bitterly tough life and taken to love and safety at Lucy’s sanctuary in Israel. You can see in her face her turmoil, it seems to reflect the tough life she’s endured.

Lucy named her Siggi and she thinks she’s about 6 or 7 years old and and also quite possibly pregnant. She was seen by one of the border patrol army units standing harnessed to a cart, for two days under the boiling sun without water. They unhitched her harness and cart and led her away.

Her feet were a bit overgrown and she has a little wounded nose but thankfully it’s just superficial, from chafing, nothing deep. Lucy bathed it and now it’s just pink healthy skin so she just dabs some soothing ointment over it.

Because our funds are so low and costs high, Lucy is not supposed to be taking in any more donkeys at the sanctuary until things will improve fundraising wise, but when the Israeli Army called her to tell her they needed help for this dear soul, she simply could not say no.

But without your help, Lucy's valuable work will not continue. So please, if you can, make a donation or consider setting up a monthly donation to help with the regular costs of running the sanctuary.

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