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Mobile ‘clinic’ in the Palestinian West Bank

Yesterday, Lucy and her small team went to El Founduk, a town in the Palestinian West Bank, in order to help alleviate some of the suffering for hard working donkeys and horses. It was quite a drive to the town - across the Israeli border, through lots of villages, past many settlements... off the main road and down into valleys then up into hills, driving though tiny, narrow little streets and eventually, they were there.

The donkeys were not in a bad condition as far as being fed well goes. It’s just the harsh and cruel treatment and how terrified they are, too afraid to even sniff a carrot. Lucy managed to get a few to trust her enough to take a carrot from her hand and let her gently place a hand on them for a moment.

Lucy and her team rasped teeth, treated eyes, gave worming medicine, trimmed hooves, treated a few minor wounds here and there and groomed their coats. The children found the idea of brushing a donkey very funny and Lucy had to try to get them to understand that it’s because they need a little help to shed their winter fur, to help them to keep as cool as possible in the daily overpowering strong sun and heat.

Something Lucy really could do with is a couple of good tooth rasps. If anybody might be able to help with providing these please get in touch. Thank you so much.

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